Brands of Backpacks for Kids

The Legendary Backpack Eastpak You have probably heard of backpacks Eastpak : Worship bags suitable for young and old! For the record, they say he may agree to 99 years old! The peculiarity of the backpack Eastpak is manufacturing Cordura, a ripstop canvas and his 30-year warranty on most of its products. Some backpacks brand are also designed leather or nylon for more innovation. 520

Tips to Optimize Retro Lingerie

All femininity, you're attracted to the return of glamorous lingerie and you fall for the star below. Follow our tips to make the most of wearing them often and long. How to choose lingerie vintage? - The colors If you want to keep them longer, preferred basic colors, black, white and all the combinations of flesh and pink powder particularly vintage. Reserved red and Garnet, simple cuts and no frills models to not sink in the vulgar or kitsch. More fashion, we love the khaki pastels, aqua and yellow, selected based on your skin tone. These shades are renewing the…

Retro Pastel Dresses

This spring - summer, the dress is worn above the knee, pastel, with a mind retro sixties assumed. For appropriating this spring look it is inspired by the stars who have already adopted the small trend t-shirt. Fashion an eternal, it cannot be repeated never enough. This spring - summer 2014, parades them handed to the taste of the day the little t-shirt in retro pastel colours. A trend that put the PEP in our wardrobe. 367

How to Choose Wedding Shoes

Marriage in december how to choose a suitable pair of shoes.the guide from shoes and clothes to look smart and not make mistakes. The winter weddings are beautiful and inspiring, but involve a problem: choosing the right shoes, you can not die from the cold but not to overdo it's still a wedding and the rules must be respected. Assuming that if you are a guest or wedding witnesses to shine that day must be the bride and groom, we have prepared a guide that takes into consideration fashion, simplicity and elegance. 526

How to Make Sunglasses Darken Naturally

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses, with adequate UVA and UVB protection is crucial for maintaining good eye health. Types and shades of lenses on sunglasses is the leading factor to consider to protect your eyes. Some materials are better for preventing retinal exposure to UV light, which can lead to cataracts and other eye related diseases. There are a few ways to ensure that your sunglasses are sufficiently dark and manufactured with high quality materials. 366

How to Choose a Dress for a Wedding Guest

After 17 fittings, 5 times your size (" uh... Y' was not a concern for measurements there? "), you think you have peace (wedding) dress, but failed: now, what are your girlfriends who harass you for your opinion on them (to dress). ' Et it what do you think? And that one? Not bad in blue? ». And Yes, choosing his guest to a wedding dress, it's a challenge also. 365

Buy Shoes in Milan

In the collective Milan is the city of the fog of fashion and furniture fair. But Milan is not only is this much more, a beautiful and lively city where often the sun shines, and if an old saying claims that " Milanesi are cold " we are ready to deny them. The Milanese are nice friendly and very skilled in their activities, starting with the food. For example although it will seem strange to Milan you eat the fresh fish that arrives in the morning from Sicily, unlike Rome, where the sea is a few kilometers and the fish…

Plus Size Fashion Necklaces

Wear round neck when you have curves can be scary to some. It's true that it is often advised to wear round their attention on the V necks to elongate the silhouette and well clear the neck. However, this is not a reason to ban the round neck! It's all about knowledge. Here are some tips to wear round neck when one is round. 362

Tips for Corsets

Here we bring you tips on luxury corsets suitable for special occasions with my partner and casual wear - balls, fun, festive occasion. Selecting the appropriate korzetu k splývavé long black skirt create a beautiful dress, which shall surely fascinate. The traditional corset lacing put a sexy figure fit every woman like a glove. A novelty among corsets are corsets, which, instead of the classic fastening hooks zip fastening. Zipper closure make dressing (and undressing) corset. 361

What Swimwear to Wear When Pregnant

You are pregnant, you go on holiday on the water or you like swimming in the pool, you need a pregnancy swimsuit that put you in value. How to combine comfort, practicality and aesthetics? Comfort of pregnancy swimsuit The two criteria of choice are a soft touch and a good maintenance of the breast. If you have large breasts, choose a swimsuit with a built-in bra (a brassiere or frames). The frames give you a stronger hold. However they must be flexible and the right size to not hurt you. 360